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Hello, world!

I'm Tom and I'm a self-taught Front-end Web Developer. I spend every moment I can learning about graphic design, web technologies and workflow in order to improve my knowledge, abilities and skill.

I currently work as Junior Web Developer at the Webkick web design agency in Andover, Hampshire.

This site is still under construction. There is the beginnings of a portfolio available below while I experiment with different things. A full portfolio of my work will be available here in due course.

Roger Skinner, Farrier

A mobile farrier operating in the New Forest regions of Wiltshire and Hampshire.

This is my second custom-built site. I coded it from scratch and launched it using my green fingered hosting provider.

It's very simple but it employs many of the design techniques I've learned in the last few months including some subtle animations. With this project, the biggest achievement from my perspective was the process - it was how I got from blank page to finished site that was the important step.


Becky's Pet Services

The best pet services provider in Andover, Hampshire.

This was one of the first sites I ever built. It uses the Bootstrap CSS framework to govern most of the style choices. At the time, this represented the peak of my knowledge. Now? Well, it's aging a little. That's why I have a new, custom built remodel in the works.

The Becky in Becky's Pet Services also happens to be my wife, so she gets to be a bit of a web design Guinea Pig for me.