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Portfolio Refresh: Inspired by Jan Tschichold

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If you’ve ever visited my portfolio site before, you may have noticed some major changes there recently. That’s because I’ve been working on a redesign for the site over the last few weeks, taking inspiration from a new source: early 20th Century print design. It’s now simpler, smarter and – in my opinion at least – more awesome.

Why early 20th Century print design? Well, why not? I was introduced to the time frame and medium in this video by Jen Simmons on her YouTube channel ‘Layout Land’ (the second season of which we all eagerly await, Jen…). In it, she talks about the new found freedoms we now have with regards to layout design on the web thanks to a host of new tools recently(-ish) introduced; chiefly, CSS Grid. With these tools we are finally seeing layouts and graphic design ideas previously only achievable in print being made possible online. Not only that but these ideas can at last be done not as pretty static layouts but as uniquely ‘webby’ responsive designs. Here is my recreation of Jen’s ‘Responsive Mondrian’ experiment using CSS Grid for example.

Since then I have made it a mission to find examples of graphic print design that I can use as inspiration for my web design. Jan Tschichold, along with many other designers in the pre- and inter-war eras, have become a firm favourite; not least because their work lends itself to recreation using CSS Grid. A cursory glance at my Pinterest feed will show you how many examples of this kind of work I’ve amassed.

I’ll be adding to this new portfolio slowly over time, so make sure to check it out every now and then to see what I’m up to.

For now,

I'm Tom and I'm a self-taught Front-end Web Developer. I spend every moment I can learning about graphic design, web technologies and workflow in order to improve my knowledge, abilities and skill. I currently work as Junior Web Developer at the Webkick web design agency in Andover, Hampshire.

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